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It is all in your head.

Some trust in chariots, others in their possessions, I don’t know what you trust in, but I trust in God, my Lord. It is one thing to know and another to believe. But both of them would birth trust. Here’s a case, you have read your Bible, or someone has read it to you, orContinue reading “It is all in your head.”


People Never Change.

I caught up with her after a year or so of not talking. We had broken up for reasons best known to us and she swore never to want to see me ever. This is someone we had fantasized of getting married and even growing to old age together. I know that sounds funny butContinue reading “People Never Change.”

Sick and Tired!

Aheem! It’s been a long week. Long in all senses, it started with some wannabe writer claiming I plagiarized her work – I could understand where she was coming from – went on to restlessness on payday. Funny, right? I always look forward to Fridays, not to post “TGIF” but to just get my mindContinue reading “Sick and Tired!”

The power behind names.

What is your name? Someone may ask; your teacher, your pastor, a colleague at the office, or even your interviewer. You will say it, either your full names or one of the many that you go by depending on who has asked. The moment you reply to the question, the listener immediately paints a pictureContinue reading “The power behind names.”

Living in an idle world.

It’s 5:55am, the bus station is full of people. Men and women, young and old, children too. Everyone is trying to get somewhere; school, office, an interview, to hospital; some are running away. Running away from the harsh realities of life. They say life is a journey; you either walk through it or run, mostContinue reading “Living in an idle world.”