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It is all in your head.

Some trust in chariots, others in their possessions, I don’t know what you trust in, but I trust in God, my Lord. It is one thing to know and another to believe. But both of them would birth trust. Here’s a case, you have read your Bible, or someone has read it to you, orContinue reading “It is all in your head.”


Hope You Don’t Get Famous

Trust is having confidence in the honesty of another, I was aware of this fact. I trusted her, I believed in us. You know when you’re young and have so much unbridled emotions – what we usually confuse for care and call love – you are easy to trust, or think that you’re safe inContinue reading “Hope You Don’t Get Famous”

A Patient’s Journal

Day 4 13th March 2022 The Greater Love It’s been four days here, like this is the fourth day. I’m feeling myself. I can see and perceive. It’s a miracle. If you had seen me on day one, then you must be shocked to see me today. Actually, today, I woke up at four inContinue reading “A Patient’s Journal”