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The Dream

A soft, small, subtle voice

Still and sweet to the ears

A vision crystal clear

Of what is to come, what has

The dream

A pat on the back

Comfort in the wilderness

Open eyes, a yielding spirit

Message clearer than the waters

The dream

Warning of impending danger

Announcement of the supernatural

A memo from the Most High

A list of promises

The dream

A scare with dreams

Terrific visions revoking sleep

With a multitude of business, they come

Jot them down, all of them

The dream

Tell the sum of the matter

Shout in the highest, Here I am

Men hate you for it

He will rouse and despise them

The dream

He wove them into you

Your spirit be at peace

Rise, take it, live it

His spirit has been poured out to you

The dream



He Is Not Here.

Some call Him Lord, some teacher

Others call Him the Son of God

I call Him my Lord and Savior

He is not here!

Early morning on Easter Sunday

Three women by the tomb

Met an Angel on a rolled stone

He is not here!

Where is Christ? They asked

He is not here, He is risen!

The answer came

He is not here!

The greatest news the world ever received

From a rolled stone by the tomb

Rejoice, He is among the living

He is not here!

He kept His promise

He rose on the third day

He conquered the grave

He is not here!

Now we eat and drink

We share love and show care

Because we were set free

He is not here!

The shame, the guilt, He bore all

God rolls them away this day

As He rolled the tombstone

He is not here!

For whoever the son sets free

Is free indeed, He paid the price

Love is the currency

He is not here!

Shem Ian at #loverevolution2022 concert at GEMS Cambridge International School Nairobi

#loveisthecurrency #loverevolution2022 #greaterlovers

Losing; A Gain

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya on

A loser, they have labeled me
A winner, what I have become
A victor, what my testimony is
A loser, of all the world had to offer

They think I lost, I’m lost
Yes, they’re right, I lost grip of evil
I lost my mind, they whisper to each other
A renewed mind, I say that is gain

He isn’t fun anymore, they cry
Isn’t a fulfilling life fun, I thought
Maybe they should try this one
Yet most of them were here before

Honor, respect, purpose and even responsibility
All these are mine to boast of, that’s gain
If only they said enough was enough
And climb with me to the mountain so high

A mountain with an everlasting fountain, refreshing
A fountain of love and care, replenishing
With a shepherd over my life, I’m safer and fed
Come, you’d better lose that and gain one that’s forever


How to actually kick the habit.

The last time I was here, I talked about kicking the habit and promised to give a few steps one could follow. But all in all theres one that works for absolutely everyone. Doesn’t matter who or what you believe in, it is an important one to keep in the back of your mind.

Writing this doesn’t mean i’m an expert in this, I just happen to be a keen observer of every little detail in life. In the life of the people I live around, the characters I watch on TV or just anyone who stays long enough to be studied. This is not a google list of “How to overcome addictions” or something, no. This is just a friendly recommendation for a dear reader.

In no particular order, I will start with;


Shem Ian with a group of friends.

If you’re struggling with fornication, drug and substance abuse among other things that mainly come as a result of ideas from a group of friends or colleagues, bad company is one luxury you cannot afford.

Friends are part of every human beings’ life. Man is naturally a pack animal, in that you can’t survive alone. You can debate with that, you’re free to do that. But when your friends become a negative influence to your life, cutting them off is a noble thing to do.

I am a Bible-believing Christian so allow me to quote a verse for you, 1 Corinthians 15:13 “Do not be decieved: ‘Bad company ruins good morals.’ ESV. Actually, you don’t need to be spiritual to know that bad company spells doom for your life. There are several sayings that support the above verse; one of them is “Show me your friends and I will tell you your character.”

I’d recommend this type of friend;
– one who believes in the same things as you
– one you can go to church with (who can take you if you don’t belong to one)
– one who has nothing against your beliefs

Shem with friends at a past event.

Pastor Jimmy Macharia says, “Do them before they do you,”  to mean you should convert your friends before they convert you, or if you cannot convert them, just walk away and save your life.

If you’ve been able to cut off your toxic friends, and started breaking the addictions, do not look back in nostalgia when you’re maybe alone or feel lonely. That’s how it feels before you start making better relationships.

A certain famous quote says ‘Forward ever, backward never.’ Write that on a sticky note and stick it on your door, read it before you go out to face the  world.


Photo by Charlotte May on

You ever had of ‘You are what you see and hear?’ Well, if you hadn’t, you have now.
We are made up of what you consume, by hearing and by seeing. One of the reasons you might be struggling with all these addictions is that you have been watching movies or listening to music that glorifies that vice.

Let’s take an example of two friends; Lanka and Nduati. Lanka is born again, spends most of hia time listening to audio messages by his pastor and has subscribed to faith-based lifestyle podcasts and vlogs. The latter is a hip-hop die hard, he loves hard rock and listens to Vybz Kartel occasionally. The former also reads Christian books and fond of his Bible whereas Nduati reads more of Sydney Sheldon.

Lanka, is least likely to be addicted to drugs, pornography and fornication. The reason is just obvious, the content he interacts with condemns the vices and encourages him to live a sober life and also keep good friends. The reason why the latter would easily fall into these addictions is that what he consumes glorifies pornography, drug and substance abuse et al.

It’s time to check your YouTube subscriptions, your reading list, the podcasts you listen to and also the users you follow on social media. If they don’t align with the life you’d want to live, unfollow,  unsubscribe, and buy other books.


Photo by Pixabay on

God is the ultimate help in anything. He created us and all that we share and use. What we are all subject to His will. For the few months I have been saved, I have come to realize and believe in God’s power in making anything that seems impossible possible, wrong to right and able to do exceedingly, abundantly much more than we can ever as or imagine.

Knowing and acknowledging God has seen me overcome drug addictions, gain purpose in life and set me up for an honorable life. I guess this is the easiest way out of all these struggles. It doesn’t cost you a dime to have faith in God to hold your hand out of the meaningless life you’re leading.

That’s all I had to say for today. See you next time as we try to be better humans. Adios!

Kick the habit.

I have been thinking, overthinking, rethinking about this one thing, or phenomenon, I dont know what is. Maybe you too have been thinking about it, either deeply or just for a moment. Why is it that you really don’t know you have bad habits when you’ve learned or even heard of them? How comes you don’t realize you’re in a toxic relationship when you have seen your peers or a movie character in such a situation you’re in and wondered why they spent the next minute in such relationships?

My uncommon mentor, who also happens to be my pastor always tells us that when you’re in the picture, you cannot see the flaw, but a little distance from the frame will make you see so much you wouldn’t have had the chance to see or percieve. That explains why you have given the devil – in form of a spouse, friend or even colleague – a million second chances to atleast change for the better, in vain.

You deserve better, you know that, no one needs to be reminded of that. We even write that on our socials. I had this lady friend of mine who had a very chaotic life. I was in one but hers was one I couldn’t match.  She had a kid before even joining campus, four abortions before the third year and a series of other dramatic episodes here and there. She was super proud about it, she could narrate all these in a detailed account and you would think she is out of her mind. I asked myself the same question that you have in your mind right now.

Theres one thing that happens to a human being when their conscience is seared with hot iron. Understanding is suspended,  pride comes in and stubbornness is a cool trait.  You would think I’m lying to you about a time when I used to believe strongly in “as long as it makes you happy, and doesn’t disadvantage anyone, then its a good thing to do.” That’s the hardest misconception I had to unlearn.

So what do I believe in now, someone might ask? I believe in morality, culture and responsibility. Besides that, I believe in God. I’m  a Christian,  a strong believer at that. I’m not a pro-choice Christian either. That’s why you would feel condemned by the sentiments I make about certain matters that concern daily human life, young adult life.

Kicking the habits: drug and substance abuse, fornication, alcoholism, masturbation, pornography,  among other vices that most of the young adults think are cool to involve themselves in, has been quite a struggle for many people. Me included.

I started podcasting (The Youth League Podcast) in 2020 and my goal was to try to convince as many youths as possible to shun the worldly habits that destroy their lives and destinies in the name of fun or Y.O.L.O – You Only Live Once. This is the mind that makes most of us have, which has destroyed the whole picture of the life we dreamed of living.

I have been able to impact a few lives, I’m proud of myself. But theres one thing that I now understand for sure, God. God is the only one who can see you through everything you’re struggling with in life, be it financial difficulties, a bad marriage,  a purposeless life, an addiction you’re trying to overcome, et al. He is the author of your life, He also is graceful enough to let you choose how you want to live yours, though He reminds you to live according to His will lest you lose the precious gift He has offered you.

I used to do everything you are or have been trying to quit: I love trying out everything, and that made me realize none of that matters, it is vanity. Solomon had seen it all, easy for hi m to write Proverbs that serve as a guide in life. He goes on to show us what is essential in this short life in Ecclesiastes.

You’re struggling to kick the habit, maybe you should consider the few steps I have prepared in my next blog.

Shem Ian with friends at a function.