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5 Reasons Why Women Still Face Upsurge of Unemployment

Much is on our plate to talk about when it comes to both employment and unemployment among women. Well as per the corporate rule a position isn’t given, its acquired. A reality check that is not familiar to most women, leading to women eschewing employment. As its popularly said, ‘change is inevitable’. The say is…Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Women Still Face Upsurge of Unemployment”


People Never Change.

I caught up with her after a year or so of not talking. We had broken up for reasons best known to us and she swore never to want to see me ever. This is someone we had fantasized of getting married and even growing to old age together. I know that sounds funny butContinue reading “People Never Change.”

The Privilege.

Talents. Everyone has atleast one talent. Some people have more than one. While we can say everyone has a talent, not many people know whether they have any, some, actually don’t know what a talent is. More often than not, some of us confuse talents with abilities. I have many talents, I’m aware of some,Continue reading “The Privilege.”

Dangerous Questions

A day starts with a thought, a subtle questioning of your existence. A question of the purpose of your life, the meaning of life itself and even how life came into being. We all have questions that cannot be answered, some, as we tried to answer them, led us astray. Into the abyss. These areContinue reading “Dangerous Questions”

Losing; A Gain

A loser, they have labeled meA winner, what I have becomeA victor, what my testimony isA loser, of all the world had to offer They think I lost, I’m lostYes, they’re right, I lost grip of evilI lost my mind, they whisper to each otherA renewed mind, I say that is gain He isn’t funContinue reading “Losing; A Gain”