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Gifts On Loan.

We all have things we can do without struggle, things we love to do, with our hands, and body. Some of us are good public speakers, we can get a hall full of humans to listen attentively to what we have to say, whatever it is. Others can dance, break bones in the process. OthersContinue reading “Gifts On Loan.”


Losing; A Gain

A loser, they have labeled meA winner, what I have becomeA victor, what my testimony isA loser, of all the world had to offer They think I lost, I’m lostYes, they’re right, I lost grip of evilI lost my mind, they whisper to each otherA renewed mind, I say that is gain He isn’t funContinue reading “Losing; A Gain”

A Patient’s Journal

Day 4 13th March 2022 The Greater Love It’s been four days here, like this is the fourth day. I’m feeling myself. I can see and perceive. It’s a miracle. If you had seen me on day one, then you must be shocked to see me today. Actually, today, I woke up at four inContinue reading “A Patient’s Journal”

A Patient’s Journal.

DAY 2 11th March 2022 Noises and Darkness. I’m still in that pathetic health facility, waiting to die. I now can hear many familiar voices. My heart was glad. At least I’m dying in the presence of my friends. All this time, Lawi had not left my side, He was the point of contact inContinue reading “A Patient’s Journal.”