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It is all in your head.

Some trust in chariots, others in their possessions, I don’t know what you trust in, but I trust in God, my Lord. It is one thing to know and another to believe. But both of them would birth trust. Here’s a case, you have read your Bible, or someone has read it to you, or you heard someone say it during your Sunday School days, in which you suffered truancy.

The word tells you of how God so loved you – the world – that He gave His only son, the only one, to die so that He can save you. I’m not asking you what you did to deserve that because you can never do anything to deserve such kind of love. It is by the grace of the our Lord. Do you believe God loves you or you know He does? Hard one there right?

It shouldn’t be hard for any authentic Christian, this is because for you to experience the love of God, the love we have talked about a few lines above, you need to believe God loves you. You have to believe it in your heart and not in your head. When it is in your head, it is mere knowledge of the love of God, and that flies out of the window whenever your mental faculties are not working as you expected, but when it is in the heart, it is just more than the knowledge, it is the intimate moments that make it easier for you to navigate this sorrowful life.

It is easier to trust God from your head than it is trusting in Him with your heart. The reason why you pray for God to help you in certain situations but go on to call for help from men is because it is all in your head. Fear overcomes you the moment it takes ‘longer’ to receive whatever you have asked God for. You see, the Bible tells us that whatever we ask in prayer, if we believe then we have it. When you were asking for something, you always feel like you need the answer immediately. That is not the case with God. For you to receive all that He has promised you, you need faith and patience, faith without patience will only lead to fear and disappointments.

The other thing that you need to get off your head is the world. You might ask, why? Or, how? There is a version of the world that you have in your head that either does not exist, or you can never achieve. That version you have in your head is what makes you think you can give your spouse the whole world and drive us into Mars, or Jupiter. It is the same version that makes you think God does not care about you, because He let bad things happen to you, a ‘good and perfect’ human being who deserves soft life.

We are prone to instant gratification, and wanting to have everything go our way. Rich, coming from a fallen being. That reminds me of a law, a universal law that helps keep the universe in an homeostatic state, the law of exaltation and humility. This is easier to talk about as it is what we see everyday of our lives, this is how this law works; whenever you humble yourself, you just get exalted, both the world and the heavens obey this law. Whenever you’re puffed up and feel proud about your achievements, your blessings, the favour you are operating in, the law comes into effect, to humble you. I feel like anything done willingly is easily navigated through compared to something you’re forced to go through. Humble yourself before you’re humbled, the latter is humiliating.

I had this article in my head for almost a month, last Friday, I was to publish it, but as I said, the idea was just in my head, I couldn’t get it out. Today, I managed, it takes effort and intentionality. And of course the help of the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. Get out of your head and live in reality! Adios


Published by Shem Ian

A life enthusiast with a burning desire for bettering the life of young persons; a servant of God and teller of tales.

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