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People Never Change.

I caught up with her after a year or so of not talking. We had broken up for reasons best known to us and she swore never to want to see me ever. This is someone we had fantasized of getting married and even growing to old age together. I know that sounds funny but I didn’t see it that way before. It didn’t start as that, but she wanted to be more than a friend, she claimed we had been just friends for a long time and it was high time we’d try to make it romantic. A very bad idea.

To cut the story short, we met again! On Snapchat, may I remind you that, Snapchat, just like Telegram, doesn’t discard contacts even after you deleting them from your list. We didn’t talk much, we just said the usual pleasentaries and I learned that she was flying to the US the following day. What a coincidence, right?

I sent her a snap, like everyone else on my streak list, but her response was the same as the one she gave a year ago. You know, the holier than thou mentality. I’m saved, lest you forget. She talks about how I hurt people – her to be precise – and made me feel like she hadn’t moved on. I have.

I tried to avoid the conversation, because for one, it wasn’t going to change anything between us. I just reached out to ensure there was no bad blood between us, since we are going to meet on foreign soil soon. I don’t have a passport yet, and I’m yet to clear school, which is really getting into my nerves. Stubborn as usual, she hasn’t learned about anything that I had suggested she work on before we called it quits.

That brought me to the famous “people will never change” phrase. It is the four-word statement that should keep ringing in your mind. You have not changed much even after all that knowledge you’ve acquired in life. Some people say money changes people, let me stand here and tell you that it is not the case, the person they were before the money is the same after the money. If someone is proud now that they have a few shillings at their disposal, it means they have been proud even in their poverty, the money just amplified what was suppressed by the circumstances they live in before.

You’re not going to change much, if you have an obnoxious attitude, you are most likely going to die with it. A famous saying goes, “you spend the first half of your life learning habits that you are going to live in and by for the second half of it.” I take that seriously. If you’re a lazy, rumour- mongering and jealousy type at twenty five, you will be an eighty-year-old jealousy gossiper, if you’re going to live that long. The wicked live longer to face the music for their bad decisions anyways.

If you want to live a better life with your family later on, start cultivating the desirable habits now before it’s too late. You can save a part of your life if you do the same. Adios!

A photo of a Pokot (a tribe in Kenya) girl in traditional regalia. Photo Courtesy|| Lewis Hamilton


Published by Shem Ian

A life enthusiast with a burning desire for bettering the life of young persons; a servant of God and teller of tales.

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